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2 responses to “About

  1. Hi: I read your post as to JPM Chase giving you a free house after 6 years of making payments. Were those payments to Chase or WaMu?
    Were you in Foreclosure with WaMu? Did Chase get you loan thru the FDIC when WaMu failed? Very interesting. Can you answer my questions I stated above? Thank you very much.

    • The payments were made to a number of entities. Originally it was WaMu, then Chase for a couple of months
      then Ocwen, then Portfolio Recovery took it over after default. My mortgage was supposedly obtained when
      Chase “purchased WaMu’s debts.

      Foreclosure procedure commenced. About two weeks before our first court appearance, the Bank withdrew
      their complaint. I never heard from the Bank’s lawyers again. So, I waited for the next action to be filed.
      In the interim, I was still getting correspondence from Ocwen again. I was very busy at the time and I did
      not open any of the mail from Ocwen. I let it pile up. More than a month later while going through the
      stack of mail, there was a notification from Ocwen that they were giving full title to us and the debt
      was canceled.

      I later found out that hundreds of mortgages never made it into Chase’s portfolio, They failed to follow proper
      procedures of conveyances.

      If you are in a similar situation, you definitely should look into this as a defense besides all the other
      illegalities they committed. When the government discovered this glaring error, all of those mortgages
      involved were immediately declared void.

      There may be similar problems with One West’s takeover of IndyMac,
      which was later sold to CIT. These mortgages passed through two additional entities besides the Sponsor
      and the Depositor. It appears the government is not looking into the One West-IndyMac deal.

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